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The document questions how much can a teacher help students learn. What information is needed to be known and when. Then, how each students pasts and current living situation affect their learning skills.



  • Standardize testing and how teachers should be evaluated by the scores of their students.
  • 80% of students come from low income families
  • Difficult home lives make it difficult to learn
  • Cognitive skills vs. non cognitive ?
  • GED (32hrs prep)
  • High School;Study (1000 hrs per year, so 4000 hr prep)
  • Why go to High School if you can save time?
  • Time; make the best of it and learn quickly
  • GED’s are performing better than drop outs yet no where near High School graduates.
  • No child left behind

    This American Life

    474: Back to School;

  • Social skills; Character ——> intelligence
  • Marshmallow test
  • ADHD being confused with trauma
  • Stressful/unfriendly environments cause learning to be difficult
  • Prefrontal cortex; can see differences on brain scans
  • Students with 4+ childhood traumatic problems are known to have 32 times as high of difficulties learning.
  • personality traits
  • you have power over the ways you learn. may not com easy as others but there are different ways to learn.
  • try—–> you learn from your mistakes and become wiser
  • girls  vs. boys
  • women=men
  • Rat test
  • Working hard pays off
  • Sit in the front of the class
  • united states has the highest drop out rate
  • 128 students started college and only 85% went through freshman year
  • 58% of kids starting college ended up graduating in 6 years or less
  • people are paying to much attention to getting kids to college rather than on how many actually get through college.
  • 8% of  freshman in high school will graduate with a four year college degree (Chicago)


If you want to learn more about what I have written, listen to the program at This American Life